Galápagos is recognized as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world and also one of the busiest, finding hotels of good quality and at a good cost becomes a complicated task, even for tourism professionals.

The shortage of hotels for high demand in Galapagos is mainly due to legal regulations, which seek to protect this natural heritage. That is why the constructions within the permitted zones must meet rigorous requirements that may limit it in service.

However, there are cases where good responsible management results in high quality projects for tourists and viable for the island. This is the case of the hotel Chatam, located in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno has 48 rooms and with the renovations is thought to improve the comfort of the rooms but to expand the infrastructure of: restaurant, terrace, library and pool.



The deputy director of the Group has plans to renovate and improve all the hotels, which will be ready in a few months, in 2019 they will enjoy services for the most demanding tourists.

Another example is the Hotel Sierra Negra, located in front of one of the largest beaches of Isabela, without any doubt this small hotel is converted into its rightful accommodation decision on this island. Resting to the sound of the waves of the sea is a unique experience.



All the hotels have a policy that we promote among their guests an ecological conscience, so that they are the main ally in the conservation of natural resources, so that all the products used in the cleaning of the hotels are biodegradable to reduce the minimum the impact that they can cause in such a delicate ecosystem as that of the Galapagos Islands.